Membership forms due this week

Campaigning in public for a members-only event is a bit weird. I've had a lot of people congratulate me on my nomination and I have to stop and remind people that I'm not the candidate yet. Right now I'm one of two nominees to be the candidate and it's still up to the members of the Green Party to decide who they want to represent them. Which leads to the inevitable comment, "But I want you to win so that I can vote for you!" and the inevitable response of me handing over a membership kit and telling the friend to join the party so that they can vote for me.

Time is running out. If you want to make sure you can vote for me in the next federal election you need to:

  1. Become a member of the local chapter of the federal Green Party of Canada before July 31. Members of the provincial Green Party of Ontario will not be eligible to vote.
  2. Come to the meeting on August 17th, listen to the candidates speak, cheer really loudly after my speech and then vote. You must be present on the 17th. There will be no advanced polls, no mail-in votes, and no voting by proxy.

I encourage you to fill out that membership form and get it submitted! There are two ways to become a member:

  1. Sign up online before end of day on July 31.
  2. Print off a membership form and mail it to our CFO (Chief Financial Officer) (link to the PDF membership form) immediately. The form needs to arrive on or before this Friday. If Canada Post doesn't deliver your letter on time, you don't get to vote.

Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting at 7PM on August 17th at the Bayshore Centre in Owen Sound. You will be able to join the party after this week, of course, but only members will get to choose their candidate.

"There will be no advanced

"There will be no advanced polls, no mail-in votes, and no voting by proxy."
Guess that means I am going to have to emerge from my hideaway in the Klondike Hills huh ;-)

hehe. I know, I know.

hehe. I know, I know. Democracy is such a hardship! </sarcasm>

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