Write Daily

For nearly three weeks I've had a tab open on my browser with the intention of writing something. Today. But for nearly three weeks I just haven't managed to collect my thoughts in ways that I wanted them to be consumed. It's been a whirlwind though.

Writing Open Source - the first ever (as far as we know) Open Source Documentation conference was held in Owen Sound. It was amazing. I am biased, but it was amazing. (I'm not being redundant, it really was amazing.) I am also intensely proud of how this conference has turned into a community. Please participate, or at least follow along, on the revamped WOS site. There's a planet feed, forums and amazing intiatives including a style guide, documentation personas and a best practices guide. And when I say initiatives I mean it in the exact definition of the word: the projects are initiated and looking for your input!

WOSCON ProcessionJim at the chocolate fountain WOSCON 09 Group Photo

(Yes, that's a bag piper and a chocolate fountain. And, yes, that's the mayor in both the photo on the left and the right. She insisted that we go up to Inglis Falls after meeting everyone and even drove us up to the falls when I tried to decline after I thought she was just being polite! Thanks, Mayor Lovell Stanners!)

With WOSCON wrapped up, I trekked out to PDX for Open Source Bridge. If you weren't there this year, you should go next year.

Paper prototyping session  Ward Cunningham

Stay a couple of days and explore Portland too. It's very pretty there, even when it's raining.

Portland MarketChinese garden, PDX

Back in Owen Sound I've been playing tourist in my own town (and a little bit further sometimes too). 

Chi chi maunOwen Sound Harbour

I've also started on the food box from a local market garden and have been eating better ever since. Delicious radishes, radishes and ... more radishes were on the menu the first week. If you're ever plagued by radishes I recommend: radish curry, radish bean burger, tabouleh and roasted radish with roast chicken (they come out tasting sweet, much like garlic does). As my own garden ripens I'll need to come up with more ways of dealing with radishes.

Last night we had a wonderful Canada Day celebration at my aunt and uncle's cottage. There were fireworks and sparklers, of course.

FireworksSparklersWarning - shoots flaming balls

In two weeks I'm headed to OSCON. I'll be drinking from the firehose and am taking Damian Conway's presenter workshop. I'm really looking forward to it.

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