DocBook Style Sheets

Back in January I talked about some new style sheets that I'd created for DocBook. I had grand plans for making them available and sharing and making open source publishing a lot easier and a lot more elegant. And then I got stuck trying to decide how to make the style sheets available. They should be version controlled and licensed and and and it turns out it's a lot of work to figure out the best way to launch a project. So I've done the most irresponsible thing possible: I've simply uploaded the .zip package that I made back in January and dumped it onto the Writing Open Source project Web site. The style sheets are available as part of a new guide on tools. This isn't their final resting place, but I at least wanted to get SOMETHING out and available for people to take a look at.

If you have suggestions on the best way to share style sheets such as these, please let me know! I'd love to have a whole library where people could pick their style sheet as part of the open source publishing process (and be able to avoid the current headaches from printers like or another printer).

Hey the output from that is

Hey the output from that is really great. I might have to start looking into DocBook now. Thanks for posting.

Go get a project at

Go get a project at - you will get a wiki, a SVN repo for the code and a bug tracker. Very simple and free.

Folks have suggested GitHub,

Folks have suggested GitHub, Launchpad and Google Code as potential hosting spots. These are all designed to host a single code base, not a library of options from a lot of different contributors. I also want to be able to show case output along with the "code." For example: you have a DocBook file that you upload and render through the uploaded style sheets and output a PDF for download and printing. This type of service isn't one that any code hosting project can handle (nor do I expect them to in the future, it's just not what they're designed for).

I've got craploads of space

I've got craploads of space if you want a subversion repository and hosting space. Just holler if you do, you can use it for whatever you want.

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