This summer I bought a sweatshirt and a Hardy Heron t-shirt from the Canonical shop. (I'd like an Ibex t-shirt now, please.) I misjudged the sizing guidelines and ended up with a sweatshirt that was at least a size too big (but my t-shirt fits exactly the way I like). Today I was inspired by an old episode of Threadbangers, and LornaJane's recent adventures in conference t-shirt alterations, and made my sweatshirt fit. It took me about 10 minutes.

This is how it went:

1. Too big, I'm actually this size inside...

Too big!  But I'm this size

2. Find another sweatshirt to use as a guide. This is my current fave (a Flickr hoodie)...turn the too-big sweatshirt inside out. Place the smaller one on top and use chalk to mark the outline of the properly fitting sweatshirt. Sew along these lines.

Flickr hoodie as guide

3. Try on.

Post fix

4. Cut off the extra fabric. Leave a bit of seam allowance if you don't have a proper serger. I left about 0.75" of fabric. On these scraps you can see the huge amount of bulk that was in the sleeves. The Flickr hoodie is a raglan sleeve, but the Ubuntu sweatshirt is a drop shoulder. (not that this matters, but it does further confirm that raglan sleeves are better fitting in sweaters and therefore are FTW).


You are the r0xx0r!

I don't get a lot of fan mail. But I'm pretty sure I just got the world's best intentioned, but poorly thought out, fan letter:

Love yer site, your Drupal work, and omfg, you're even into the Ubuntu doc-team. I think that is the grandest, and I'll likely gawk atcha in DC during DrupalCon where a 3D screensaver / wallpaper, and general graphic homage will be born out due to a slick time lapse photo montage shall ensue, et. al. ;->
Keep on rockin' in the free world. :-)

The identity of this person will forever be known to only two people (me and "him"), so please don't ask. Although I am a little bit creeped out by this email, this Public Service Announcement isn't about making anyone feel uncomfortable. (I've sent my fair share of weird emails that have been fuelled by inside jokes and caffeine and not at all fuelled by sanity, so I'm hardly one to judge. This person has gotten a quick reply back and knows how I feel about the email.) 

This blog post is actually a specific request to please never "gawk" at me from a distance. Say hello and introduce yourself! I verge on crowd-phobic. I hate having to interact with a room full of pre-clustered people. Delivering a presentation to a few hundred people? No problem. Facilitating huge discussion groups? Love it! But I'd rather have teeth pulled than "work a room." So the next time we're both together in the same room, please come up and introduce yourself. I'll be the one sitting in the corner noodling with tech to avoid having to break into a cluster of people and say hi.

Screen cast: upgrading to OOov3

Kindasorta scared by the command line instructions that André gave earlier this week to upgrade OOo to version 3? No worries, mate! I created a screen cast (link goes to an OGG movie) based on the excellent article How to install OpenOffice.org 3.0 on Ubuntu 8.10. If you want to run both version 2.4 and 3.0, use Test Drive OpenOffice 3 Beta instead.


Technical notes on the screen cast: I'm still having some problems with the OGG -> whatever conversion. The OGG is great locally, but the online conversion tools output the whole video minus 40 seconds of audio. I have this problem when I do the conversion locally with the following:

$ mencoder upgradingooo3.ogg -o upgradingooo3.avi -oac mp3lame -ovc lavc

I think the problem is still that I was recording at 15 frames per second but Kdenlive thinks it's 25 frames per second (the video plays faster than expected and ends sooner). This cannot be edited within Kdenlive.

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