Making Buttons

One of the amazing birthday presents that I got this year was a kit from Badge-a-minit to make 1.25" buttons. I was inexplicably excited about it. But immediately drew a blank of what to put on my buttons.

Skip ahead nearly two months.

Tonight was the first Green Party meeting where myself and the other nominee (Lynn Morgan) were asked to speak about why we decided to become politicians. I'm one of those crazy process people who wishes that more people would care about politics. I wish more people would vote. And I wish more people would pay attention to the decisions other people make that affect everyones' lives. I get excited when I can make a difference in someone's life---when I can enable them to find their own voice and participate in their chosen community.

Green Folk on July 24th

It's GreenFolk with James Gordon!

Green Folk Presents James Gordon

Saturday July 24th at Dr. Milne Conservation Park in Paisley, Ontario

Song writing workshop at 4PM
BBQ at 5:30PM
Live Performance at 7PM

Admission by donation to the Grey-Bruce Owen Sound Greens at the door.

I hope to see you there!

Whey bread

In the last 24 hours I've made paneer (cheese) using a recipe from World Sweet World, raspberry/fig/cardamon jam, scones and failed to make bread. The first time I made the whey bread I didn't have bran so I added as much flour as the recipe called for bran. And then another cup of flour because it just seemed too wet (total of three cups AP flour and two cups oat flour). The resulting bread was delicious. Still a bit too wet though.

I tried again today and followed the recipe as written. After letting the mixture rise for three hours I stirred it down I realized the mixture had separated and there was a LOT of clear liquid at the bottom of the bowl (maybe as much as 1/2 to 1 cup). There were no instructions on what to do with the liquid, so I mixed it in. I guess I should have poured this off because the bread has failed miserably. The bottom of the pan was an 1/8" of some kind of high salt jelly mixture that I don't think ever would have become bread no matter how long I cooked the bread.

Git for Teams

Git For Teams

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Collaborating with Git

Collaborating with Git

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Drupal User's Guide

Drupal User's Guide

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